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Why You Need to Invite Your Priest Over Today

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Here are 5 reasons why you need to get out your phone and your calendar, and schedule a time for your parish priest to come over to your house.

1. He needs to bless your house. Your house and all of the rooms in it need to be blessed in the Old Rite. This is just basic spiritual protection for your family, especially if you didn't build your house. Don't think your house had to be previously inhabited by Satanists to warrant this, either: all it takes it mortal sins committed in a place to make it susceptible to the demonic. On the same token, this is why priests recommend you have them bless your house once a year: if there are any mortal sins committed in the house, the blessing can possibly break. God gave you these weapons to use in spiritual warfare: use them!

2. He needs to enthrone the Sacred Heart and consecrate your house to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. This is a beautiful ceremony, and it comes with the promise of protection for your house.

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3. Your priest probably could use a meal. Sometimes, it really seems like our priests survive on sugar packets and Subway. They don't get a daily home-cooked meal like you do, and they probably appreciate it just as much or more! I once knew a priest who refused my offer of farm-fresh eggs because he, "wouldn't know what to do with them." Yeah, he didn't know how to scramble or boil an egg. Just go ahead and cook the whole meal for them.

4. He probably could use friendship. Don't get me wrong, friendships with priests are special ones that are not the same as friendship among equals. A friendship shouldn't ever lessen the visibility of his role as spiritual father. That being said, the life of the priest, especially if he is traditional and the only one in the area, can be a very lonely one. His desire for companionship, good meal, good conversations, and good Bourbon did not diminish when he received Holy Orders..

5. Your children definitely need to be around religious. We need to be encouraging vocations in our children, and what better way to do it than by putting them in the company of devout religious. The vocation of marriage is already very apparent to them, but the vocation of the priest can seem very foreign. Showing them the vocation of the priesthood in action by having them around your children can do wonders. Look, this priest eats and laughs and tells stories just like I do. Maybe I could be a priest, after all!

There you have it. Time to make that phone call!

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