We've Got Big News!

Actually, two pieces of big news! Read on to find out!

The first is that we are making some major changes to what was the Old Souls' BiWeekly—in fact, we changed it so much, it got a new name in the process: Liturgical Look-Ahead.

We felt like the part you liked the most about the BiWeekly was gearing up for the upcoming events in the Church Cycle, so we are revamping it to focus on that in more detail. This new email service will come on the last Saturday of each month with a focus on everything you need to know about the upcoming month in the Church cycle, including:

  • Devotional theme of the month with ideas on how to celebrate it in your home

  • Liturgical calendar for the month (based on the 1962 calendar)

  • Important dates to remember

  • Short note on the liturgical seasons covered in the month and what they mean

  • Novena of the month—every month we will send you a new one! 

Our sincere hope is that this will make celebrating the Church's cycle—something that was innate and ingrained in the culture in the not-so-distant past—as easy as possible. With a reminder coming into your inbox that includes a print-friendly version, you can print out each Liturgical Look-Ahead, put it on your fridge or in your office, and go. You will have all of the heads up you need to practice and prepare for the Church's customs, from fasting to feasting and everything in between. We really hope you like it!

If you want to subscribe, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address in the box (or any place that says "subscribe" on our site). If you want more information and to view a sample of what you will get each month, go here. If you are already subscribed to Old Souls' BiWeekly or if you are a site member, you will get these automatically, so no action is required for you!

And now onto our second piece of news...

We are expecting a baby! We are so excited that the Lord has blessed us with another child. We crave your prayers, as this is might turn out to be a bit of a high-risk pregnancy, but we are entrusting the entire duration of it to Our Lady of Good Success—we are confident she will take care of both mother and child. If you don't know much about Our Lady of Good Success, we strongly encourage you to read about her here. And don't forget to check out our post on 7 things a Catholic mother should do when she finds out she's pregnant—we are busy checking off the list ourselves!

Thank you in advance for your prayers, for your faithful readership, for your purchases from our store, from sharing us on social media and with family and friends, for your kind emails, and for everything else you do to support us. It means the world to us! And please be patient with us if there are a few less posts in the future as Mater gets through the rough early days. We hope to be in full-swing again soon!

In Jesus & Mary,

Mater & Pater

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