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Storing Homemade Baby Food: Product Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Making your own purees for your baby is so good for them (especially if most of it is coming off of your land!), and it's relatively easy to do. However, you do need ways to store it in small enough portions so that you're not wasting it. This was a lesson I learned the hard way the first time I started pureeing. I made a huge tub of pureed carrots and froze it, only to find I couldn't divvy it up very well when it was frozen solid (go figure). Once thawed, my baby went through maybe 1/8 of it before it went bad. So, a good way to store it in small quantities while still making it in large quantities is key.

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I tried three different kinds of containers to store the purees. The regular glass jars are expensive, and I wanted to find a good alternative. Here are my findings:

Some yummy veggies ready to become baby food!

OXO Tot Freezer Tray

This one is great if your baby eats small portions. I was hoping I could pop one container out per feeding and just store the whole thing in the freezer, but I couldn't (my husband is still convinced he could, though). That was disappointing. So, whatever you put in this one, make sure you are good with baby eating it the whole week. For example, here I put in peppers and broccoli, so I'll wait to get it out of the freezer until I can use it all up in a week. An ice tray might work, too, but this has a really secure top.

However, $10 for two of them is a pretty good deal!

Solar Storm Silicone Freezer Storage Tray

I was so pleased with this one. It was super easy to pop one serving out while leaving the rest in the freezer. This means less advance planning as I can fill the whole thing up with the same food and come get it as I need it. I also really liked the size of the individual containers (2.5 oz).

It's a little more expensive than the trays up front (under $12 each), but it's cheaper per ounce. Plus being able to thaw one at a time is a game changer!

Old-fashioned 0.5 Pint Canning Jars

It's hard to beat these. You can't thaw just one serving from them like with the previous ones (depending on how much your baby eats, I guess), but they are a great size that last my baby a couple of feedings. I think these would be your best space-saving option to take on a short trip. The canning funnel makes it really easy, too.

You can get 12 half-pint jars for around $15 on Amazon, making this the most cost-effective option yet! We found them for $8 at Walmart.

Those are the products I tried. What do you guys use? Any others I should try? Leave your recommendations in the comments! If you're pregnant, don't forget to add these to your Amazon baby registry. Click here to get started! And check out my review of baby carriers here!

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