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Spiritual Preparedness Kit

It is common practice to be prepared for temporal calamities. If you have an emergency fund, a storm shelter, a back-up generator, or even just a couple of non-perishables in the pantry, you know what I'm talking about. However, isn't it funny that so many of us spend so much time prepping for some sort of temporal misfortune, when a spiritual one is much more likely? Especially when a spiritual preparedness kit would also come in handy during a temporal event?

Our Spiritual Preparedness Kit

Every household needs to have a Spiritual Preparedness Kit. You might need these for

  • a physical calamity

  • illness

  • temptation

  • spiritual warfare

  • spiritual chastisement

  • and more!

Here's what's in ours, with a link describing each. Remember, everything on this list should be blessed with the traditional blessing specific to each items (politely request this of your priest if he goes to do a general blessing on each—you need the blessing that is specific to each type of sacramental!). On that note, never buy anything that is blessed. Buying or selling blessed items is simony, and it's a grave sin! When we are picking out things like these, we prefer to buy them from places where we're sure they haven't been blessed, versus places like antique stores and eBay. People also put curses on items they know others will buy for religious purposes, which is why you should only purchase from a reputable source.

Holy Water

Again, make sure this is the blessed in the Old Rite—then it will contain exorcised salt! Exorcists say the differences are vast between old-rite-blessed Holy Water and the new stuff. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight!

Olive Oil

Regular old grocery store olive oil will do.


Again, you can get this at the grocery store. Both iodized or non-iodized will work.

Beeswax Candles

We got ours from St. Bede Abbey in Peru, IL and have enough to last through the Three Days of Darkness.


We got most of ours from Catholic gift shops. Bonus points if you can get ones that have the Benedict Medal in them!

Purple Scapular

We got this from our priest. He gives them to parishioners when he blesses their homes.

Extra Brown Scapular

Obviously everyone should be wearing one, but it's a good idea to keep an extra one in your house in car in case something should happen to yours. You—literally—don't want to be caught dead without one!

Lourdes Water

This one isn't as necessary as the other items (it's not as effective in spiritual warfare as Holy Water), but it is good to keep around in case a family member gets very sick.


Not only do you need these around for praying, you need to have them blessed to! Read about how we pray the family rosary here.

Benedict Medal

We got ours from a Catholic gift shop. Don't forget to put them over doorways and wear them, too! Again, make sure the priest does the traditional blessing specific to these medals. It's very powerful.

Palm Branch

Keep them from Palm Sunday and put it through your crucifix or on your home altar!

Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary

We were gifted our images as newlyweds. Don't forget to have your priest bless them and enthrone your house to the Sacred Heart when you get your house blessed. Keep them in a prominent place in your home. Read more about house blessings here.

Miraculous Medal

Keep one in your kit, but don't forget to wear one too! You can attach it to your scapular or put one on a chain with your Benedict medal.

St. Anthony's Brief

Okay, I don't actually have one printed out yet, but I will soon!

Are we missing anything? Reply in the comments! And check out our post on how to turn your home into a domestic church.

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