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  • Mater

Our Favorite Summertime Treat: Tomato Salad!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Few things are tastier than homegrown tomatoes. They're pretty easy to grow, and, if you're like us, you usually end up with a little more than you bargained for. We have found a yummy (and easy!) way to use them up, and it has become the quintessential summer comfort food at our house.

What you need:

  • Tomatoes (we recommend straight from the garden for maximum taste)

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Onion (optional)

  • Fresh basil leaves (dried from the store will work, too)

  • Balsamic Vinegar

  • Olive Oil

  • Salt

  • Pepper

How to make it:

Cut the tomatoes into bite-size pieces. Take a melon baller and scoop out pieces of Mozzarella Cheese. Chop the onion as desired.

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and stir. Put it in the fridge at least four hours before serving to marinate. When you're ready to eat it, serve it cold. It makes a great side for a cookout, but it also stands alone well as a light lunch.

We haven't wanted to eat our tomatoes any other way! What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes? Reply in the comments!