• Mater

Keep Your Bedroom Simple

I have found one of the best things for my sanity is keeping my bedroom decor simple. I like natural tones and textures, with a pop of color here and there. I particularly love the lots of wood blended with metallic accents. Plenty of religious pictures are a must, since this room is the last thing I see when I go to bed (another reason to keep it tidy—check out my cleaning schedule here) and the first thing I see when I wake up (check out my post here about tips to acquiring inexpensive religious items). Also: books! We have a big bookshelf in our bedroom devoted to the literature genre and personal journals. (As an aside, all of our bookshelves contain books of specific genre. Fiction was chosen for our bedroom as it's more controlled access, and not all of it is appropriate for children.)

Here's a sneak peek into our master bedroom!

(Make the bench yourself here.)

I'd love to hear about your master bedroom style in the comments! And if you haven't, don't forget to check out our new store!


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