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Fourth Week of Advent Check-in

Last Advent update—we are so close!

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight his paths."

A Look Back:

Our Lady of Guadalupe, ora pro nobis!

We had a really fun feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! We were fortunate enough to go with family to a Mexican restaurant run by Catholics that have a huge statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We brought her some flowers, and enjoyed chips, queso, and margaritas by the statue. At home, Our Lady of Guadalupe took primacy of place on our mantle, replacing St. Nicholas (we have a few ideas for how to display and honor the "Advent saints" next year—stay tuned for that!).

Lights! Lights! Lights!

I couldn't get a good shot of it, but the lights on the creche look like the starry Bethlehem night!

We had a ball lighting up the house when we returned home! I love Christmas lights, and I especially love enjoying them with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine in the dark evenings before going to bed. We planned to put them out on the Feast of St. Lucy, but didn't get home until Gaudete Sunday—but it still felt like a fitting time to light the place up!

Our new Advent wreath!
St. John the Baptist, ora pro nobis!

I made a change to our Advent wreath that I'm pretty pleased with. After writing our Christmas plans, I decided it would be more meaningful to use our door wreath as the Advent wreath, so that we could make a big deal of removing it and placing it on the door Christmas Eve as they used to. (Also, you couldn't see the purple and pink ribbon from the road, so it looked like we were already celebrating Christmas to those passing by!) I like it much better. Plus, we were gifted this beautiful statue of St. John the Baptist—I couldn't think of a better Advent wreath centerpiece! He is a wonderful "Advent saint", as he can help us to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child on Christmas, just as he did so many years ago.

I mentioned this on some other posts in my Advent & Christmas series, but this is my table centerpiece I keep mentioning (obviously not on the table now, because of the Advent wreath). In the fall, the ribbon is big and burnt orange with a big bow. At Christmas, we will replace this statue of the Blessed Virgin with one depicting her and Baby Jesus, and the ribbon will be red and gold with a big bow on it.

We have loved doing the O Antiphons every night at dinner—it is such a fitting way to think about a new title of Jesus each night, as it points out a new way that we need Him to save us! We haven't sung them, but we've read them at dinner and listened to them being chanted on the OP Chant channel (I talked about that in detail here). Maybe one day we will become good-enough chanters that we will sing them ourselves!

That's it for today's update—I won't include the looking forward section since I covered it so in-depth here. Have a blessed two more days until the Christ Child comes!

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