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Don't Forget These Religious Items When You Travel

Traveling is hard, packing lists are long, and the weight limits always seem to be just too low. However, there are some things we need to have with us when we travel—not just clothes and toothbrushes, but important things we need for our spiritual lives! Read the list below and see if you've got everything you need for your trip!

1. Exorcised Salt

You're going to need this for the hotel room...trust us on this. You only need a few pinches to bring with you so you can sprinkle some by the door and by the TV of the hotel room. You just never know what goes on in hotel rooms and what has been invited into the room—but the Church has given so much power to exorcised salt, there's no need to fear! Just make sure it's not mistaken by TSA for any sort of illegal parafinalia...

2. Blessed Olive Oil

This travels more compactly than holy water does, if you are really cramped for space and have to choose one. The tiniest bit goes a long way. Just put a few drops in a plastic bag, and you are set for nightly forehead blessings for the whole week! (Of course, holy water is great if you can fit that, too!) For more on sacramentals, click here.

3. Rosary

Definitely remember to pack this along, preferably in your carry-on. Flights and car rides can be some of the best times to make sure to get that daily rosary in with the family. There are also certain rosaries you can get that have special blessings or indulgences attached just by carrying them in your pocket! If you have a Benedict medal one yours, there's some extra protection, too!

4. Scarf

Scarves are a great option for a head covering when traveling, since they double as fashionable wardrobe accessories, and thus save you space! I also can remember many times where we were sight-seeing and stumbled upon a random church, with my pretty mantilla still in the hotel room or church bag. (I'm thinking of a time recently when I had to throw on a swaddle blanket over my head, and it drew a little more attention to myself than I was comfortable with.) This is not an issue if you're wearing your scarf as an accessory—just throw it on your head and you're good to go! (If you don't yet veil, but would like to learn more, here's a good place to start.)

5. iPieta App

This is an awesome, free app on your phone that contains all of the daily readings (both old and new calendars), tons of great books for spiritual readings, Holy Scripture, prayers and novenas, and more. This saves a ton of room on packing—everything you need is right there on your phone or iPad!

6. TLM Finder App

This is another free app on your phone that has a listing of all (or most) of the parishes in the U.S. that have the traditional Mass, complete with times and affiliation (diocesan, SSPX, etc.). Just type in your address or use your location, and you can find a Traditional Latin Mass to attend on your vacation.

7. Extra Brown Scapular

We've started to bring an extra blessed scapular when we travel, in case one of ours breaks while we're on the road. How horrible to be stuck for a week without being able to wear one! Remember, amazing promises are attached for those who die with the scapular on them, among other things. This takes no extra room in the suitcase, and is a great precaution to take. To find out more about the brown scapular and why Our Lady wants everyone to wear one and enroll, read here.

So that's our short list! What's on yours? Reply in the comments with religious items you never leave home without! And if you like traveling like we do, check out our Adventure posts here!

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