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Daily Prayer Schedule

We talk a lot about routine over here. Based on your feedback, you dear readers have wanted more posts about that intersection between routine and prayer life (Just how are we supposed to get all of these prayers done in a day??). So today, I'm going to give you my daily prayer schedule in case you want a starting point to make you own. Truth be told, I am constantly tweaking this, both as externals in my life change and as I want to add more prayers, but I finally feel like this over all structure is here to stay.

I'll start off by give you my schedule, then I'll add some commentary and tips at the end.


5:30 a.m. (Right when I get up or, if the baby is awake, I'll grab her and do it while nursing.):

*If I have time.


This one varies on whether or not I go to Mass that morning. If I go to Mass, it looks like this:

  • 5 Decades of the Rosary (each way in the car)

  • Seven Sorrows Hail Marys (in the car)

  • One "Visit" from Visits to the Blessed Sacrament before or after Mass

If I don't go to Mass, at the first morning nap:


  • The Angelus


6:00 (This is after dinner for us—we eat early dinners.):

  • Family Rosary

  • St. Anne Novena

When putting the baby to bed:

Night Prayer

This is the time that varies the most, but it's usually the last thing we do before we turn the lights out and go to sleep:

So that's how it goes! It looks like a lot in writing, but it really doesn't take much additional time. Really, it's only replaced a few minutes of scrolling mindlessly on my phone.


  • I highly recommend having some sort of structure like this. I consider it the skeleton. If I know I'll be on my knees at 6 and 8:30 p.m. every night for example, it makes it so much easier to add prayers. Even if you start by doing one Hail Mary at each point in the day, so it happens at the same time or rhythm, you can easily build the "meat" onto your skeleton by adding the prayers you want to get done in a day. Indulgenced ejaculations are really easy to start with too, because they're so quick.

  • I've got to tell you about the biggest thing that has helped me to do all of these prayers. I use prayer cards! Imagine that! For all of the prayers listed for the morning and night prayers, I have a prayer card for each. On my nightstand is two stacks: one for morning and one for night. I just flip through each one! This make it so easy to add prayers. On the flip side, I really would like to add a prayer for a happy death (although a lot of the ones I listed say this), but I haven't found a good prayer card for it! If you need some awesome traditional prayer cards, I highly recommend this store here. That's where most of mine are from. If you want to start learning some in Latin, you can check out this store here. You could also simply write each one on an index card.

What I want to work on:

  • I want to have another afternoon time of prayer. Afternoons tend to be the hardest for me—I really need the extra prayer, but the same reasons they're hard (I'm sleepy, worn down, and counting the minutes until my husband gets home from work) also make it hard to find time to pray. Ideally, I'd like to add some mental prayer then, or maybe another five decades during a short walk, but the weather is not always cooperative!

  • I also want to have a more concrete time for spiritual reading (you'll notice it's glaringly absent from the schedule!). Right now, I do it throughout the day, but it's not structured, and I have a tendency to jump from book to book. I also try to listen to sermons while doing a chore during the day and with my husband at night before we go to bed, which I know counts as spiritual reading. It's working for now, but I know the more I can get structured, the better it will be for me.

Tell me what works for you in the comments! If you are looking for a way to add more novenas to your day, might I suggest taking a look at our novena calendar? It adds 36 novenas to your digital calendar, and you can customize notifications and when they go off, allowing you to put them anywhere in your day. Check them out here.

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