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(Part II) Cloth Diapering Newborns: A Beginner's Guide

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The key to successful cloth diapering is having a convenient system in place when you start. Despite all of the research I did ahead of time and all of the products I had ready to go, I was woefully unprepared when my first Filia was born. So, I have gathered for you here the products you'll need (Part I) and the system that we have in place (Part II) so that you can get off to a great start and feel confident in cloth diapers!

Note: this is specifically for the products mentioned in Part I. Some of these steps will not work with different types of products.

Putting on a Clean Cloth Diaper

  1. Place your baby on your changing pad or wool pad (depending on where you are in the house), and roll your cart next to you.

  2. Put a clean prefold under your baby. Here is a great post about the different ways to fold them.

  3. Secure your fold with snappies (unless you use the pad fold, but I personally don't like this one as it lets more poop leak out the legs).

  4. Put your rubber pants or diaper cover over the prefold.

My mobile changing station that follows me to any part of the house.

Disposing of a Dirty Cloth Diaper

  1. Remove the diaper cover. If it's clean, reuse it; if it's dirty or really wet, grab a new one. I normally go through one or two a day. If you are using rubber pants, do the same thing. I normally go through three or four of those a day.

  2. Remove the snappies. You can usually reuse these, and you should only need to rinse these off occasionally.

  3. Remove the prefold.

  4. To wash the cover: rinse any poop off with your sprayer. Ring it out and toss it in the pail.

  5. To wash the rubber pants: rinse poop off with soap and water, preferably in a laundry room sink if you have one, otherwise the bathroom sink will have to do. If it was every really dirty, we'd just rinse it off and throw it straight in the washer. Once washed, set or hang it somewhere to line dry.

  6. To wash the prefold: rinse any poop off with your sprayer. Ring it out and toss it in the pail.

  7. Once your pail is full, remover the entire liner. Throw it and the dirty diapers into the washing machine. Make sure the liner is inside out. Line dry.

  8. If you have stains that the washing machine did not remove (this should only happen if you don't rinse it off right away), you can line dry these in the sun to remove it.

Top: Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Snappies, Wash Cloths, Lotion, Baby Oil, Vitamin D, Nose Frida. Middle: Diaper Covers, Muslin Blankets. Bottom: Prefolds.

And there you have it!


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