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Book Review: Why You Should Veil

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

The Girl in the Mantilla (@MantillaGirl on Twitter, @GirlInTheMantilla on Instagram) was kind enough to send me a copy of her new book, Why You Should Veil, before it's release. This is a wonderful book that I highly recommend, and I can't wait to tell you why!

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This is not your run-of-the-mill veiling guidebook. While the author does cover the reasons for veiling and various myths associated with it, she takes it a step further:

First, she is deeply personal.

She begins the book raw and vulnerable, recounting her own testimony with honesty and authenticity. Her unique story draws you in, and her retelling of her personal struggles with sin and darkness are extremely relatable. It makes this book about veiling one that can be given to truly anyone, as I don't think there is a woman out there that wouldn't have her heart moved by The Girl in the Mantilla's story.

Second, she (rightly) places veiling in it's proper context.

Again, this is not just a guidebook about how to veil. Those of us who veil recognize that this is only an aspect of modesty, piety, and reverence owed to our Creator. It is an outpouring of that obligation, not an end itself. Thus, the author wisely does not end with veiling, just as she didn't begin with it. She connects it to the rich traditions of the Church, and how to form your own prayer life. She connects it with modesty and with Catholic witness.

It is my opinion that someone who reads this book will not only be inspired to veil, but will also be provided the keys unlocking the door into a deeper prayer life and union with Our Lord. This would be a wonderful book to have in the vestibule of parishes everywhere. This is a book that I would give to a woman who is lapse in her faith or who is searching for a deeper understanding of it. The ingenuity of Why You Should Veil is that it does not confine itself to the traditionally minded woman interested in veiling. Through the deeply personal testimony and the greater context it gives to veiling (along with wonderful tips to deepen your prayer life!), it is a book for all women, and one that I hope and pray will not only promulgate the beautiful act of veiling, but also inspire a renewal of devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady everywhere.

To purchase Why You Should Veil, go here. It makes for a wonderful gift!

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