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Baby Wearing: Which Carriers Do I Need?

Baby wearing is a practice that has saved my sanity. In this post, I review the three carriers I own (all of which I had on my baby registry!) and what I use them for in the hopes of helping you on your baby-wearing journey.

Note: I recommend trying some of these carriers before buying. Some women find that their build largely defines which carrier is going to be the most comfortable. Personally, all of mine have distributed baby's weight really well, but you would hate to buy an expensive carrier only to find that it just didn't work for you.

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The Stretchy Wrap


Moby Wrap

How I Use It:

This is my go-to newborn wrap for around the house (it stopped working for us around 3 months). It keeps baby snuggled up close to you. If I'm wearing a nursing top, breastfeeding is easy in it. You don't have to untie it, and you can even nurse baby in it to where you don't need a cover! (Again, this is if you are wearing a nursing top.) However, I am not skilled enough (yet!) to get a young baby to latch in it without a cover. But I can take the nursing cover off and even walk around once baby has a good latch. I also choose this one if I have a newborn and am going out in the cold. It sits perfectly in the center of my chest, so that I can easily put a coat around her.

Side note: I have found my all-time favorite winter coat that every mother should have! It can function as a regular coat, or you can add the insert to make it either a maternity coat or a coat to hold a baby carrier underneath. Before I found this, I was wearing my husbands' coat when I was pregnant or if I wanted to carry baby underneath! Plus, it's so stylish! For a mom who has a lot of outdoor farm chores to do in the winter, this coat is definitely worth the investment.

The Ring Sling


Ring Sling

How I Use It:

The pro to the ring ling are that you can use it for those younger newborn stages and way beyond, unlike the wrap that really only works for the first three months. I used this when I knew I would have to be taking it on and off—for example, if I was out somewhere without a nursing top. If I was in the wrap, it would have taken forever to wrap and unwrap the thing if your hands were full with a baby. What I didn't love about this was it was really hard to get the fit right. There are lots of YouTube videos out there on how to do it, and I watched a lot of them and really tried. However, I couldn't personally figure out how to both make her secure and make it comfortable for me. I'm determined to try it again when the next baby comes, because the ease of taking it on and off and being able to nurse in it coupled with only needing this one carrier to get you through the baby stages is very compelling!

The Soft Structured Carrier


Soft Structured Carrier

How I Use It:

I have to be honest, I absolutely love this carrier. It is so easy to put on, and it's so comfortable. I thought a major downside of it would be not being able to nurse in it, but that has not mattered that much as it's so easy to take on and off. I can do it all myself. In fact, I can usually be seen with the waist part fastened like a belt, and the front hanging down, because I'll use it as a carrier during Mass, then just unlatch the top part when I pass of the baby to someone else after Mass. It's awesome! I still preferred the stretchy wrap during the early stages because it got the baby so close to me (this one has a newborn insert, but it still didn't feel like it fit right). This one is also advertised to last up to 48 months and can switch to a back carry, so I can get a lot of use out of it. It's totally worth the price to me!

And those are the three I tested! What about you? Which ones did you like? Reply in the comments, and don't forget to check out my review of baby food products. my post on how to prepare to be a stay-at-home mom, and how to pray with your sweet baby once she arrives!

If you're expecting, don't forget to add a carrier (or three, if you're like me!) to your Amazon registry! Click here to start building yours. Amazon makes it so easy to find a wide range of products you love that friends and family can send straight to your door!


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