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A Godparent's Guide

Sometimes, when you become a godparent, the task can be daunting. Here is a list of things you can do as a godparent to really go above and beyond in blessing your new godbaby and his parents. Let us know what you think!

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Obviously, the role of the godparent is a weighty one. You have to make sure the baby is being reared in the Church, with the Sacraments, and is being taught spiritually. If his parents are failing, you have to step in. Here is an excerpt from a good article on Fish Eaters:

For, now, we'll focus on some smaller, but equally important things you can do for your godchildren after they are born!

1. Host a Baptism Party. Baptisms are a big deal and very worthy of celebration. Usually family is there anyways! A party is the perfect way to celebrate...but the last thing a mom of a one-week-old wants to plan. Hosting a gathering at your house after the Baptism is a great way to bless your godchild (and his momma!).

2. Gift them spiritual gifts. Seriously, these babies get every plastic music-making toy out there from relatives. Be the one to fill the need: there are spiritual books for babies (our baby loves this St. Joseph Carry-me-along Board Book right now), teething rosaries, and all sorts of things you can gift a baby to help form their spiritual life early. You can also have Masses said for them (enrolling them in perpetual Masses is a great Baptismal anniversary gift!) and gift them spiritual bouquets throughout the year. When they get a little older, you can head on over to our Shop and get them some coloring pages with indulgenced prayers on them to help them learn early!

3. Check in on the mom. Those first couple of months can be rough and lonely. Give her a call, bring her meals, make sure she's okay. A happy mom usually means a happy baby!

4. Take care of the baby while mom prays. This is on the same token as #3, but the best thing for a baby is a virtuous mom. If you are local, offer to hold the baby while the mom goes into the confessional, watch the baby while the mom goes to adoration for a bit, etc. If you live far away, try to do these things when you visit.

5. Be involved in the baby's life from a young age. Know what's going on with your godchild by taking an interest. The baby has a clogged tear duct that's going to require surgery? Let's pray a novena to St. Lucy that it will heal on it's own! Things like that. Most people focus on the big tasks of being a godparent—as they should—but let's not forget the little things, either!

What ideas do you have?

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