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9 Tips to Help a Tired, Frazzled, Forgetful Mom's Spiritual Life

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Spoiler Alert: I am the tired, frazzled, forgetful, Amelia-Bedelia mom. Through study and practice, I've acquired a few tips to help me in my spiritual life, especially when it involves battling my own forgetfulness (since I simply can't, as some say, "just make myself remember"). Hopefully you will find at least a few of these helpful! If I missed any, reply in the comments!

1. I am always forgetting to offer up my Holy Communion, confession, and all of the other important stuff that can be offered up for a specific intention. So, I made a prayer to offer up every Holy Communion I will ever receive for the souls of my family in purgatory and for the conversion of everyone in my family.

2. If you have a particular need that you know will be ongoing (spiritual healing, for me), assign it to an action you do a lot. E.g., you can tell God that every time you scratch your cheek, you intend it to be a prayer for spiritual healing, whether or not you remember it then.

3. The rosary jar (for rosary intentions). See my post about this here.

4. Add to your morning offering "I make the intention to gain as many indulgences as I can today." That way everything you do that is indulgenced (e.g., crossing yourself) can be applied to a Holy Soul, whether or not you remember it at the time.

5. On the note of indulgences, I wrote about here how I use my smart phone to get lots of indulgenced prayers throughout the day. This practice doubles as one that reminds you to get indulgences and reminds you to pray throughout the day.

6. Have some prayer you say every day for the intentions of "all those for whom I promised prayer and for whom I ought to pray." I just added this to our rosary jar (# 3), but St. Pio said the Sacred Heart litany daily for those for whom he promised prayer.

7. Ask your guardian angel to remind you to say the rosary before you go to bed. Also, just having a devotion to your guardian angel in general is very helpful regarding forgetfulness.

8. There are big devotions that automatically apply all the merits you receive. A Heroic Act of Virtue will apply all of your indulgences to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Consecration to Our Lady will apply all your merits for her to use as she pleases. I highly recommend both.

9. At your nightly examination of conscience, jot a few things down that you know you'll want to confess. I keep a tiny post-it note on my night-stand (hidden, of course), and I just jot things down during the week. Then, when it comes time for confession (every one to two weeks, ideally), I bring the post-it in and read it off. This has helped me focus more on rooting out vice, and it has removed some of the common anxiety I have surrounding confession, which typically centers on forgetting what I'm going to say. Especially when I had to bring the baby in with me.

Finally, remember that God loves you. This season of life with littles and diapers and midnight feedings will soon pass. Live your vocation, live it well, and leave the rest to God.

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