Liturgical Look-Ahead

An email service. Once a month. Totally free.



Monthly Devotional Theme

Learn the Church's devotion for the month and how to celebrate it in your home.


Liturgical Calendar 

All of the Church's feast and fasting days—according to the 1962 calendar—in one place, so you get a heads up.


Important Dates

A highlight of the key dates for that month in the Church's cycle—and what it means for your family.


Liturgical Seasons

A look at what liturgical season(s) the Church is in that month and how to bring it from your parish to your home.


Novena of the Month

Each month, we will send you a novena that begins and ends that month—an easy way for you to remember to pray.

All of this comes straight to your inbox the Saturday before the month begins, so you can celebrate the Church's cycle in your home—no memorizing necessary! Each email includes a print-friendly version: print it out, hang it on your fridge or in your office, and go. And of course, all of this is totally free. Sign up below, and tell your friends.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What happened to the Old Souls' BiWeekly?

Old enough to remember when our email service was the Old Souls' BiWeekly? The Liturgical Look-Ahead replaces this service, moving to once a month and spending more time covering the topics you love—the Church cycle, what is coming up, what it means, and how to celebrate it! We think there is even more to love with this new service, and we hope you do, too.

If I was signed up for the Old Souls' BiWeekly, am I automatically signed up for Liturgical Look-Aheads?

Yes! You don't have to do a thing. If you are not happy with the change and miss the Old Souls' BiWeekly, no problem—just let us know in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

If I'm a site member, will I receive Liturgical Look-Aheads?

You bet! We send one to all of our site members automatically. However, if you are a site member, but have not subscribed, you will not receive email notifications when we post a new blog post. If you would like this feature, you can log in and adjust your notifications or just subscribe—we won't email you twice!

What calendar do you go by?

We go by the 1962 calendar that you likely use if you attend the Traditional Latin Mass. However, we try to make the Liturgical Look-Aheads easily accessible to folks using either calendar, and we will try to note major differences to limit confusion. Even if your parish follows the new calendar, we hope these emails will help you introduce older, forgotten customs into your home. 

Do you keep my email address private?

Absolutely. We value privacy so much, we use goofy pseudonyms and moved way out into the country—of course we put the same value on yours! We never give your email addresses away to third parties (after all, this is just a mom-and-pop operation... or a mater-and-pater-operation, if you will), and we promise not to overload your inbox ourselves!

Didn't find your question? Fill out the contact form below with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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