Hi there, and welcome to the Old Soul | Rad Trad blog. We are your authors, Mater and Pater, the oldest souls and raddest trads around. We like our privacy as any old soul would, so we did two things: 1) moved way out into the country, and 2) did our best to keep this blog totally anonymous. Hence the Latin-inspired names. We felt we had to clarify so that you didn’t think we were weirdos who walked around the house referring to each other as Mater and Pater. We’re weird, but not that weird. So, here are some things about us that we can tell you:



We are a married couple high on aspirations, but low on the gray hairs. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying we’re not that old. Yet. We were originally going to wait to start a blog once our bio could sound a little something like: An old Catholic married couple, living totally self-sufficient on their 40-acre-farm with their 12 kids, all homeschooled, born at home, and now living in convents and rectories. But, would we really want to spend our time blogging then? No, we will be traveling and sleeping in and picking up ballroom dancing, thank you very much. So, while we are in the midst of the chaos that is young families becoming old, we decided to write about our experiences as they happen, the successes and failures, so that 1) we can remember them, and 2) we can convince our readership that hey, you can do “it” too, whether your “it” is cloth diapering, raising animals, gardening, getting out of debt, natural birthing, carpentry, being a stay-at-home mom, living life as a Traditional Catholic, or all of the above.

We’re also big on logistics here. We’re generally not going to spend time speaking in terms of our lofty aspirations and high ideals (although we have plenty to spare), but rather in terms of the logistics of day-to-day life, what is working for us right now. We want to hear from you, too: What could we have done better? How would you have built that table, fixed that fence, or gotten that screaming baby to finally settle? In this way, we hope to build the community that we all crave, but one that is honestly hard to find amongst homesteaders, homeschoolers, and Traditional Catholics, especially at the intersection of all three. So, thanks for stopping by and helping us build that.



We’ll give you a short bio, but first, a little about how to navigate our blog. Go to the “Home” page for the blogs in chronological order. To focus on the topics you’re interested, click the links below instead. Keep scrolling to the bottom for Mater and Pater's bios!


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Living Out the Roman Rite in the Sacrament of Marriage

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What should we do about sending our kids to college? And how should we pay for it?

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Objective guidelines and practical resources for men and women to dress modestly.

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Posts to help new moms and moms to young children live out their vocation joyfully.

Catholic Corner

Living out our traditional Catholic faith in the home in a culture that doesn't want us to.

Meet Mater

Mater is not a natural at gardening, cooking, or putting the laundry away, but she is good at giving it a good college try and writing about it. (Here, Pater would like to emphasize that he did not write these bios. He loves all the food Mater makes and he only has to refold his shirts a couple of times a week.) Mater is passionate about her career as a full-time stay-at-home-mom (much more so than about her past career as an editor), and spends her time acquiring the tools she needs to advance in her career (the metaphor breaks down a bit here, but we’re thinking along the lines of keeping her family alive and happy and getting them to Heaven). In her toolbox, you’ll find natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and oodles of prayer. All we’ll say about the kid(s) she mothers is you can read the birth stories here. Read my conversion story here.

Meet Pater

If they gave out PhDs for camping efficiently or being a handyman, Pater would have one of each. Unfortunately, they don’t, so he settled for a PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. When he’s not making groundbreaking scientific discoveries as a research meteorologist, he’s building up our homestead one fence post at a time (or in our case, repairing the same fence over and over and over again, thanks to one houdini Canis). Incredibly savvy with credit cards, pinching pennies, and nest eggs, he is also the brains behind the money behind the homestead, and is proof that no budget is too small. (Seriously, this guy bought a $10K car in cash while living on a below-minimum-wage grad school stipend. Meanwhile Mater was a couple states away living off of fine dining she technically couldn’t afford. Sorry Pater.) In his free time, when he’s not handing nursing Mater a glass of water or chasing a runaway dog, he enjoys hiking, primitive camping, triathlons, and wood-working. To find out how he snagged Mater up in only 8-months like a good Traditional Catholic, read about our love story here.


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It has been our dream, both before we met each other and now that we are married, to adopt many children who need a home. We believe that adopting kids to give them a happy, holy, and flourishing home and family life is one of the best ways to live out our pro-life values. However, adoption is expensive, often costing in excess of $20,000 for a single adoption. So when we started this blog, we decided that any extra income from this blog would go towards our adoption fund. However, we are not asking for donations, because we don't believe that's the way this should work. All we ask is that if you read one of our posts and see a product we recommend that you'd like to try for yourself and your family, that you use our links on our site to navigate to and buy the product within 24 hours of clicking on our link. That way, we get credit for referring you and earn a small commission. Keep in mind that you will never pay extra for the product for using our links, so it's a win-win for everyone.

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